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Today, Titan Cargo has a national footprint enabling us to provide supply chain solutions across South Africa.
Whatever the load or distance, we can handle it.

We have world-class warehousing facilities along with 60 units in linehaul (trucks), 21 container trucks, and 50 trailers.

Cape Town

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Johannesburg Warehouse

Cape Town Warehouse

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Company history

Titan started its journey in 2007, as a pure Linehaul service provider running bulk products over long distances.

After 10 years as a linehaul service provider, we realised that in order to be sustainable in the long
term, we had to provide our clients with a total solution.
This was the turning point in our journey and our strategy going forward was to provide integrated
services across the supply chain.

Our forward strategy focussed our efforts in having an all encompassing solution viz. Import/Export logistics, Warehousing, Linehaul and  Distribution.

In 2016, we made the first phase rollout plan which saw us restructure our business holistically. Titan Cargo as we know it today was born again.

Our milestone road map

  • By 2018, we rolled out our Impex division providing end to end container logistics and handling functionality. We also opened our first warehouse facility in CPT of 1600 sqm!
  • By July 2019, we expanded into our new facility in CPT on an ERF of 37000 sqm with 18210 sqm of A Grade Food accredited warehousing space
  • In early 2020, we launched our Gauteng facility boasting 45000 sqm of A Grade Food accredited warehousing space.
  • In late 2020, we launched our Durban facility to an extent of 7500 sqm
  • In May 2021, we launched our Port Elizabeth facility to an extent of 10800 sqm.
2020 - 2021
  • During the past two years with the accelerated growth of our warehousing operations nationally, we justifiably grew our fleet base to circa 60 owned units
  • We have rolled out our multi-modal service offering to our customers which incorporates rail options for containerised shipments.

Delivering the goods

Our success during the current global pandemic being experienced, is a show of confidence by our clients in the efficiencies of our service offering and further our ability to deliver on our promises.

Looking ahead, we are well positioned to organically grow our business into a formidable market player.

We will continue to “do Ordinary things in an Extra-Ordinary way” so our customer experience is always pleasant, our people are always fulfilled and our impact on society at large is founded on integrity, honesty and sound business practice.

135% Procurement Recognition


Level 1 AAA+, 100% Black,
50% Female owned

Titan Cargo is a Level 1 accredited Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment supplier, with a 50% Black Women Ownership status and 135% Procurement recognition level.

We are passionate about transformation and empowerment, but only in its “true form”..

As beneficiaries of transformation initiatives ourselves, our partners and suppliers benefit from our enterprise supplier development agenda in their engagement with us. We are determined to help change the face of the industry and pay it forward.

Our staff grew by 74 people in 2020, many of these new hires being black women who are benefitting from initiatives aimed at fast-tracking their development within the company and the industry in general.

Our empowerment status remains a Value Add only to our clients. Our core focus and benefit remains to deliver on our promises and continuously evolve our business towards excellence at all levels.

Team and Company Structure

Led by Sugan K Naidoo, our people are dynamic, forward-thinking, customer centric, and eager to please.

We hire only the best and most experienced individuals to deliver on our mandates.


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container trucks


Values and Company Culture

Taking our cue from our enterprising leader Sugan Naidoo, we are visionaries and go-getters. We take every chance to make good on the opportunities we are given so that everyone benefits.

We understand the power of good morale within a business. The way we treat our people has been the cornerstone of our success. Our leadership style emphasises a participatory culture and a flat structure, where all are treated as equals and kept on the same page. Our people understand the vision and buy into our goals when they join our team. We boast extremely low staff turnover and attribute this to the fact that we treat our people with respect, integrity and reward them appropriately for their efforts.

Driving articulated vehicles is a skilled job. We are extremely particular in who we hire and look for custodians of our assets and our customers’ cargo. We conduct stringent driver testing before hiring, with experience being a key prerequisite for employment.

We have driver incentive programs whereby we provide new cars for our longest-serving drivers and encourage a celebratory culture where hard work and loyalty pay dividends. In short, we take an inclusive approach in all aspects of our business, particularly our people.

Challenging the industry status quo

Our stamps of approval

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